The Core of the Primereum Ecosystem 
2.0 Ecosystem

The Wishlist

PRIMEREUM is innovating and solving some of the current issues that exist around being able to purchase goods with cryptocurrencies, with our “Wishlist” system.

Our unique community system, allows members to exchange goods for PMF tokens in reverse to selling online. We partner up coin holders with members who want to purchase coins, who in return help coin holders purchase products currently not available to be purchased with Crypto Currency.

A member lists an item that they would like purchased for them by another member in exchange for PMF Tokens.

A Primereum member purchases the listed item from an online business that the member has listed. The member exchanges the purchased product for PMF Tokens.

The tokens are held in Escrow till the product has been delivered, Primereum then releases the Tokens.

Shoppers are paid a bonus commission for the service that they provide to the other member.

With access to global markets, low fees, merchant incentives, the ability to use multiple cryptocurrencies and our innovative WISHLIST feature, it pays the be a merchant on PRIMEREUM.