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Frequently asked Questions


Q/ Is the Marketplace, Fuelstore, Wishlist and Remittance system open during the BETA phase.

A/ Yes, all sections of the Primereum platform are open during Beta phase. Once we have completed BETA we will inform our Primereum Members and Supporters that you can then start marketing and promoting the platform.

Q/I have deposited Crypto currency into Primereum, but it is not showing in my balance, what should I do?

A/ Login to your account, go to Help & Support > DEPOSIT SUPPORT. Provide all the data requested. Deposit address, Transaction ID.

Q/ Which currencies can you send through the Remittance system.

A/ If your account is KYC approved, you can send other KYC approved members PMF tokens and PMF (eco) credits directly to their Primereum PMF wallet.

If you go to the Remittance section click on the page link, you will see the instructions on the page.

Q/ How can I learn about being a Merchant on Primereum?

A/ You can join the Primereum Merchant channel, then you can join the weekly merchant training on zoom. Click this link to join the Primereum Merchant channel on telegram.

Q/ What is the difference between PMF token and PMF (eco) credit?

A/ PMF token = Spendable PMF you can use in the Marketplace, Wishlist, Fuelstore and Remittance system. PMF (eco) credits are NON Spendable, which can only be used to sell in the FUEL Store for any of our other accepted crypto currencies. You can also send PMF (eco) credits to other members in the Remittance system.

Q/ How can I create my own business with ongoing residual income from Primereum.

A/ Members who want to be pioneers in marketing Primereum for the huge Affiliate residual income can start promoting Primereum: Go into your account go to MARKETING> Affiliate link. From there you can personalize your own affiliate link. You can then start sharing your link and doing whatever marketing you want to do.

Also there is MARKETING TOOLS go there and you can get links to our marketing gifs which have your Affiliate link embedded in them.

Q/ What is Quick Buy and Quick Sell

A/Quick Buy, is for someone who is coming into Primereum who does not own any PMF tokens. They need to purchase some PMF tokens so they can purchase items the Marketplace or use the Remittance System. They come in with BTC, ETH, or one of our other accepted crypto currencies, they can buy the order that is the amount closest to the amount of PMF they need to purchase. They then can use that PMF token in the Marketplace or Wishlist

Quick Buy, Orders are created by members who have set up a PMF token or a PMF (eco) credit sell order.

Fuel Store > Place Sell order

Fuel Store > Sell PMF (Eco) Credits

Quick Sell, are for members who want sell a fixed amount of PMF token in exchange for one of our other accepted currencies.

Quick Sell orders are created by members who have set up a PMF token Buy order.

Fuel Store > Place Buy order

Q/ Why are we not using 100% PMF to shop in the marketplace?

A/ For 2 main reasons. 1/ Because for a lot of Merchants items from the marketplace need to be able to cash out quickly so they can buy more products to list, so for now it will be easier for them to cash out back to other Crypto's. 2/ For marketing purposes. We can market directly to that currencies community, to encourage them to come join Primereum so they can spend the currency they already own. They still have to buy a minimum of 20% PMF to purchase, and can use their own existing currency for balance of payment on chosen item. We can contact the developers of the currency to tell them we have a Marketplace where we accept their currency and their community can join us. By default we have created a eco system and use case for their currency without them having to develop it themselves. We can just ask that in exchange they promote it to their community.

Q/ I sent a Private Message to the CEO, why is she not answering my message? Why is she deleting my message and not replying?

A/ We are all working towards the same goal, which is the success of Primereum. The CEO of Primereum has a very large responsibility to all of the supporters of Primereum to see the platform is completed and ready to take to the mainstream community. Her work load is quite large and her time needs to be focused in other areas of priority. Primereum has a team of Admin people in each of our Social Media channels who can help you with any of your questions. Always check the pinned post which has most commonly asked questions and answers, then if the answer to your question is not their ask it in the public channel or you can put in a support ticket which will be resolved or answered within 24 hours. Login to your account go to: Help and Support > Contact us or if its help you need with a deposit go to : Help and Support > Deposit Support Occasionally when she is having a break from working with the development team she will come into the Primereum Channels to catch up on what is happening in the social media channels, and may make comments or answer questions, make this time with her about being educated about the platform by asking questions that may not be on our Questions and Answers document. A good question will always get a good answer from her, especially if the question helps to educate other members. 1. If unable to log into members account. Go to website and select support select contact us 2. If you need help with a deposit. Log into your account Go to Help and Support select Deposit Support 3. If you need help with Wish list cases, Buy and Sell cases, FAQS Go to Help and Support and select 1 of the options, 4. If you need any other help please select Help and Support then select Contact Us