Meet Our Team

 We are more like a family 

Our Team

The Primereum team come from all corners of the globe.

Together they are working to help bring Crypto Currency to the mainstream population.

Their combined experience of more than 20 years within the Digital Currency industry gives them vast knowledge of what is required for a global roll out of a new economy and e commerce platform of this nature.

Christy Tawii
Business Development Manager

Christy Tawii is an analyst, strategic consultant and a thought leader across various industries in the Sub-Saharan African region. Utilizing her experience as a seasoned market researcher, Christy assists organisations build the future of their business. Her experience spans across various industries such as Retailing, Consumer Finance, Consumer foodservices, Digital Consumers, Travel & tourism, Energy, Mining, and Manufacturing. Christy’s focus is on the future of these industries and how digital and blockchain technology is poised to disturb the industry dynamics and environment, particularly within emerging markets. She is an MSc Digital Currency student at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. Christy has also held many blockchain seminars and has trained hundreds in blockchain and cryptocurrencies to facilitate and impart an understanding that will promote informed and meaningful participation in the market. She has also been interviewed by CNBC and quoted in various reputable news sources, along with speaking engagements at the largest industry events in Africa

Charles Nzimande
Sales Manager

Charles Nzimande is a true digital native with 14 years of experience in the digital space, having fulfilled many roles and worked with clients across (US, UK, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Botswana, Asia and Australia) in a diverse set of verticals in the digital and ecommerce space spanning, Financial Services, Retail, Travel & Tourism and Gambling. He currently fulfils the role of digital marketing for the largest retail group in Southern Africa. In this role he works with retailers to adopt and implement the various facets of digital and to also amplify their digital efforts. Charles is also the CEO of Olaotse Media, a digital strategy and media entity.

Charl Classen
Legal Department

Mr Charl Claassen is a commercial law attorney. He obtained his qualifications from prominent institutions such as the University of Pretoria and the University of South Africa. Charl was admitted as an attorney in the High Court of South Africa in August 2011 and has since specialized in criminal law, specifically commercial law and crimes in a general business context. His experience also spans across industries such as retailing and has previously served as a legal manager for one of the major retailers in South Africa Charl has recently found a keen interest in online cases, particularly dealing with defamation of character cases on social media platforms. Through this, he aims to protect the good name and reputation of individuals and businesses. Charl is also a cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiast; and is interested in seeing how the law can be applied in this evolving industry.

Ico Classen
Finance Department

Ico Classen is a certified financial advisor with qualifications such as B.Com Accounting, B Com Marketing and Management degrees. Ico is RE5 accredited and a member of the Durban Chamber of commerce. Ico expertise include business tax, specialized business assurance, commercial insurance, last will and testaments. Ico is also responsible for managing Trusts for many business owners. Ico is also a cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiastp>

Senior Developer

Our enthusiastic IT Developer Dageroux is a jQuery, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, C# , XML, CSS , MySQL, AJAX.NET , HTML 5 and HTML Developer working to provide blockchain solutions. He has over 15 year's experience as a Senior Developer within the Digital & Web Based Workflow Solution industries including the Cryptocurrency market. Dageroux is experienced in web development, entity framework (setup and development), development of Windows Service (Automation) & developing mobile, azure and other device applications.

Lead Programmer

Ukuzithoba is an analytic and result driven IT Developer. He is competent in mobile, web and desktop application development. He holds a BSC Information Systems Honors Degree and professional qualifications in Java Programming, Desk PHP 5.0 & Desk Joomla 1.5 . Ukuzithoba is experienced in Java Server Faces (JSF) , Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), MySQL, Systems Analyst Development, Lead Programming and Software Development within a variety of industries such as Telecommunications and Cryptocurrency.

Projects he has worked on too name only a few:

1. Eclipse IDE bundled with packages which include: Maven, Log4jj

2. Design and coding of an Accounting Package

3. Software development and maintenance for a University using PHP/MySQL technologies as well as Delphi.

Ethereum Adviser

Etype is a software developer and programmer and has played a role in the development of many blockchain projects by building maintainable decentralized applications. Etype has designed developed and implemented key system and application architecture components that support the creation, transfer, and storage of various digital assets.

Craig Hall
Leadership & Development Coach

Craig Hall was one of Australia’s first life coaches, starting his practice in 2000 in Sydney, Australia. As a pioneer in what is now widely acknowledged to be an important element of adult education, Craig has built a Life Coaching business that has supported hundreds of clients to grow as individuals, and ultimately live the life they strive for. Craig has spent his life studying and developing his coaching philosophies, with the purpose of empowering people to regain passion and purpose in all the aspects of their lives - inside and outside the corporate setting. His coaching style is a blend of social science integrated with holistic values, with the purpose to support, challenge and educate people to create life’s they love. Craig supports his clients to choose whether they 'go within, or go without’ - and this is the basic premise of his philosophy. His results are extraordinary and recognized by numerous businesses and individuals - from SMEs to large multinationals such as Mars Corporation. Craig is a major asset to the development of the core leadership team of Primereum.

Carlene Spiteri
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Carlene Spiteri who is better known as the "Crypto Diva" has a long history as an entrepreneur. Starting out in mid 1980’s with a successful clothing and screen printing business which evolved into graphic design on computers, then into web design in the late 1990’s. Carlene took a serious interest in online computer technology mainly digital currency in 1998, becoming a public speaker, educator about the remittance industry, the need for digital currency and the future of money. Carlene is presently a International Payment System / Digital Currency Specialist and has been marketing and working in a variety of capacities within the Payment System / Digital Currency industry for the past 18 years. Carlene first started out in the Digital Currency industry in 2000 as the Master Licensee of Technocash Australia, one of the world’s 1st digital currency platforms. She opened up markets into Australia, The Philippines, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and South America. In 2005 she then took on the License for a second Digital Currency platform from the USA called Virtual Money and held the license for the United Arab Emirates and was traveling internationally speaking as an expert on the subject of Digital Currency and the ongoing issues of the existing remittance industry into unbanked communities. Carlene made this complex subject her lifelong passion by providing a vision of the future of money and digital currency for the unbanked and low income communities. In October 2015, Carlene commenced the creation and development of the worlds 1st Crypto Currency E-commerce platform and Crypto Eco System, which will have its own fuel token that will be pegged to the value of one gram of Gold. Carlene's vision is to create a stable environment which will allow Crypto currency to go mainstream. The platform is due to go Live before the end of 2019.

Michelle Maud Lucey
Head of Compliance

Michelle Maud Lucey is an entrepreneur with many year's experience in the manufacturing and retailing industry. She runs a successful apparel business distributing products to various retailers in South Africa. Her apparel business also includes running an online store, which has bagged many awards of excellence. Apart from her entrepreneurial experience, Michelle also previously worked for major government organisations in South Africa, where she gained skills in both finance and business administration. In 2014, Michelle stumbled upon Cryptocurrencies and has since been at the forefront of blockchain promotion and education within the African region. As a self-taught cryptocurrency expert and trader, Michelle has assisted and trained thousands of Africans on the basic concepts of cryptocurrencies and trading. Many have become successful traders and blockchain champions across the region. As a result of her exception skills and interest in blockchain, Michelle also established her own and successful cryptocurrency trading platform named CryptroX in 2016.